Frank and Drake learn a valuable life lesson after being invited to a birthday party.
An educational video about the concept of copyright, the basic rules about it, the common myths about it, and some thing you need to be aware of. Special thanks to Max Freeman for supplying a wonderful score, Brendan Blaber for a soothing narration and the people of Massart for their love and support.

A red tint bleeds onto your walls and floors. The screams of an infant echoes throughout your house. You go to investigate.

A man wakes up to discover that every minute of his last twenty four hours is frozen in space. What's worse is that he lost something dear to him. Using the past selves as guidance, the man retraces his steps to find that special thing he lost, while also reliving the horrible stuff he did the night before.

My Stop Motion final about a spooky spacecraft in the middle of the woods. 

My fan made video of a Youtuber who reviews cartoons.