Biography: It was a hot summer’s evening on the twentieth day of June, 1995. In those dusk hours, in a quiet little hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts, John McDonald was born. It wouldn’t be long until the young man learned how to read and write, and doing so, inched him closer to his passions and dreams. In his later years, John would fill up his time creating short animated pictures. And since those days of old, John has been making animated films of various formats, styles and techniques, all with the unifying theme of humor. Whether it be freelance work, instructor for after school programs, or just having a good old time, wherever there’s animation, there will be a John.


Statement from the Artist: Okay, let’s drop the cutesy act for a second and talk face to face. I would like to call myself a free for all animator. It means though I might prefer a specific genre or style or format, I don’t anchor into one position, I like to dip my big toe in every puddle. Does that make sense? Okay, let me be more specific. I work with all sorts of animation styles, whether be digital, flash, rotoscope, traditional, and even stop motion. My genre of choice is comedy, but that’s just me, I can work in other genres. Lastly, though I like to do things my own way, I will always have the client’s opinion over mine, regardless of how I feel about the project. So if I sound like the perfect candidate for whatever strange project you have in mind, send me an email and we can start this party early. Sound’s good?

Participant of the CGTrader Digital Art Competition